Lucia Lacarra

Principal, StaatsOper Ballet de Munich





     San Sebastian, Spain



    Victor Ullate Dance School



            Ballet de Victor Ullate (1990/1994)

            She joints the Ballet National of Marseille Roland Petit (1994/1997)as Principal Dancer

            Joints the San Francisco Ballet (1997/2002)as Principal Dancer



    She joints the Bayerisches Staatsballet of Munich in 2002 as Principal Dancer




            Simun, Arraigo, Concerto para tres, Arrayan Daraxa (Ullate)

            Gula-Gula (Eduardo Lao)

            Concerto Barroco and Allegro Brillante (Balanchine)

            Les Sylphides (Fokine)

            In the Future, In and out, 5 Tangos and Grossa Fuga (Hans Van Manen)

            Saeta (Misha Van Hoecke)

            Before Night Fall (Nils Christe)


            Role of Clara in Nutcracker (Petit)

            Principal Role in the  Rendez vous, Carmen, Coppelia, Ma Pavlova, Pink Floyd (Petit)

            Also dances Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris with Patric Dupond (Petit)

            And Le Jeune homme et la Mort with Nicholas Leriche (Petit)

            And the pas de deux of La Prisonnière of  Proust

            Roland Petit created for her the role of Angélique in Le Guépard,

            The role of the Espagne in Mère Méditerranée

            The Principal role in Et la lune qui descend sur le temple qui fut

            And the pas de deux on Le Boléro of Ravel


            Grand Pas Classique (Grovsky)

            The Cage, In the Night, Dances at the Gathering (Jerome Robbins)

            Agon, Serenade, Symphony in C, Symphony in 3 Movements, Bugaku and Diamonds (Balanchine)

            Handel a Celebration, Silver Ladders, Prism ( Helgi Tomasson)

            The Invitation (MacMillan)

            Concerto Romantique (David Palmer)

            Black Cake (Hans Van Manen)

            Raymonda (3Mov) (Nureyev)

            Without Words (Nacho Duato)

            LfArlésienne (Roland Petit)

            The role of Desdemona in Othello (Lar Ludbovitch)

            Odette /Odile in Swan Lake (Helgi Tomasson)

            Giselle (Helgi Tomasson)

            Aurore in The Sleeping Beauty(Helgi Tomasson)



            Raymonda in Raymonda (Ray Barra)

            Odette/Odile in Swan Lake(Ray Barra)

            Tatiana in Onegin (Cranko)

            In the Blue Garden and Jupiter Symphony(Neumeier)

            Louise in Nutcracker (Neumeier)

            Artifact II (Forsythe)

            Titania/Hypolita in Midsummer Nights Dream (Neumeier)

            Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty (Liska)

            Marguerite in The Lady of the Camellias (Neumeier)

            Brahms/ Shoenberg 2nd Movement (Balanchine)

            Second Detail (Forsythe)

            Apollo (Balanchine)

            Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Cranko)

            5 Tangos and Two (Hans Van Manen)

            Nikiya in La Bayadere ( Patrice Bart)

            Sophie in Die Silberne Rose ( Graeme Murphy)

            Century Rolls ( Davide Bombana)

            Giselle in Giselle (Sir Peter Wright)

            Medora in Le Corsaire (Liska)

            The Frau in Das Lied von der Erde (MacMillan)

            Ariel in Die Sturm (Joerg Mannes)

            Adagio Hammerklavier, 3 pas de deux (Hans Van Manen)

            Violakonzert II (Martin Schläpfer)

            The mythic pas de deux Legend (Cranko)

            Zobeide in Sheherazade (Fokin)

            Odette in Once Upon and Ever After (Terence Kohler)

            Romeo & Juliet (Amedeo Amodio)






            Receives the prize of « Artiste of the year » by the city of Venice and also the prize of  « Artiste of the year » by the city of Positano for the role of Angélique in Le Guépard of Roland Petit in 1995.

            Invited as Guest Star to the Politeama Theater in Palermo for dancing Carmen of Roland Petit in 1995.

            She is part of the gStars of the XXI Century Galah in Toronto(1996 et 2002), New York(2000, 2001, 2002and 2005), Paris(1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006) and Cannes(1999)

            She also takes part in the Tours in Japan with the group of Vladimir Malakhov in 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2006.

            Invited to the Theater of the Arena of Verona by Carla Fracci, for dancing La Grissy in the Pas de Quatre (Dolin) and La Vivandière in 1996.

            Dances Odette/Odile in Swan Lake( Nureyev)at the Theater of La Scala of Milan with Maximiliano Guerra in 1997.

            She is part of the « 8th World Ballet Festival » in Japan in 1997.

            The English National Ballet invites her for dancing the principal role in the creation of the Nutcracker of Derek Deane in 1997.

            The Stuttgart Ballet invites her for dancing Giselle in 1999 and The Sleeping Beauty with Vladimir Malakhov in 2000 and 2001.

            In 1999 she receives the Isadora Duncan Prize for her performance in The Cage of Jerome Robbins

            In 2000 she is nominated as one of the six best dancers in the world for the Nijinsky Award by the Monaco Dance Forum.

            In December 2002 she is nominated again by the Monaco Dance Forum, and wins the Nijinsky Award for the best female dancer in the world.

            In 2003 she gives life to Mozart in the Gerard Bohbotfs new creation for the Art Ballet Budapest, Mozart Un Requiem

            In 2003 she wins the Benois de la Danse Award for the role of Tatiana in Onegin at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

            In 2004 she wins, in Spain, the Sabino Arana Award, for the Culture and Arts.

            In 2005 she is invited as a guest artist to perform the role of Carmen (Roland Petit) with the Paris Opera Ballet.

            In 2005 she is also invited as a guest by The San Carlo Theatre in Naples and by the Asami Maki ballet of Tokyo.

            In December 2005 she receives in Spain the gPremio Nacional de Danzah for her trajectory in Ballet

            In 2007 shefs invited to perform the Blue Danube at the New Yearfs Concert in Vienna

            In April 2007, she is specially Honored with a Gold Medal, at her home town Zumaia, in Spain

            In June 2008 she receives the Honorary Title of gBayerisches Kammertänzerinh (Principal Honorary Dancer of the State of Bayern)

          In September 2008 she is invited by La Scala de Milan, to perform the ballets, gJeune Homme et la Morth and gCarmenh of Roland Petit, and gThe Lady of the Camelliash of John Neumeier

            In April 2010 she wins the gDance Open Awardh in St. Petersburg

            In September 2010 she receives after a performance at the Kremlin in Moscow, the Award to the gBest Ballerina of the Decadeh

            In March 2011 she is invited at the San Carlo Theater in Napoli to perform in gRomeo & Julieth with Roberto Bolle

            In April 2011 she wins the g Peoplefs Choice Awardh at the Dance Open in

St. Petersburg



            Violette et Mr. B (Dominique Delouche) (2001)

            Great Dancers of our time (2003)

            Roland Petit el les chemins de la creation (2004)

            Hans Van Manem Festival ( 2007)